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NeuralTek product showcase
Sketch like a pro SketchMatrix

Convert any photo or an image into professional quality sketch art. This is not your average sketch filter; be prepared, to be amazed!


It's BlackMagic

Easily convert your Black & White photographs to life-like color - with the ultimate photo colorization software - Easy DIY PC Windows shareware


Print your video memories VideoSnaps

Extract high quality distinct photos from your video recordings automatically


Time Travel with TimeBrush

Worlds' premiere film & video colorization studios - converting your favourite black and white classics into true-to-life color



Video-feed Monitoring for Exceptions



Analysis and Enhancement of Medical Diagnostic Images


More - coming soon...

Since 1992, NeuralTek has been driven by an insatiable passion to create unique and useful solutions based on artificial neural nets - fuelled by sound research, knowledge, and commonsense, and backed by Customer Service commitment beyond the usual'.

NeuralTek enabled solutions are now licensed and deployed throughout the world - some as stand alone products, while others as enabling technologies within other products and services. The total combined installed base of NeuralTek products/ services is now in excess of 100,000 units spread across 50+ countries - with major share in the United States and the United Kingdom.

NeuralTek specializes in the building of neural net based software solutions in diverse application areas such as 

computer graphics - animation, multimedia

imaging - image analysis, classification, and recognition

signal processing - analysis, classification, and recognition of a variety of sensory inputs and signal types  

sound processing - voice synthesis, analysis, and recognition

These solutions cater to a variety of industries and applications such as  

film, television, entertainment - colorization, video noise processing, scene analysis

home, leisure, hobby, lifestyle - home video processing, black and white photo colorization, DIY home security

health & medicine - PACS, diagnostic image analysis & enhancement

security - DVM / surveillance, exception monitoring, context based image and video search, biometrics, face recognition

space - satellite / aerial image analysis, ground object tracking, celestial body tracking, infra red (IR) and thermal image analysis and classification   

Over the years, NeuralTek has developed an extensive proprietary library of techniques, and amassed a wealth of Intellectual Property in these areas [Proprietary Unpublished Works]. This enables NeuralTek in dealing with the most challenging of assignments, and very rapid development, delivery and deployment of optimal customized solutions, providing the most sound advise, significant cost savings, and an unsurpassed reliability for its valued clients.

Based on these core proprietary technologies, NeuralTek has implemented a number of state-of-the-art products and solutions. In some cases (see example: TimeBrush) these products have revolutionized or spawned a whole new industry.

NeuralTek's Core Technologies  

Aryabhatta™, NeuroFeed™, SceneScape™, and XtremeVision™: these sub-systems/ component libraries provide the foundation for NeuralTek's current line of products and services. Each component performs a specific set of tasks necessary for implementing Neural Net based systems; together, these deliver a robust and extensible architecture for Rapid Application Development/ Deployment, targeting otherwise very tricky real-world problem areas.

Aryabhatta is NeuralTek's proprietary Artificial Neural Net paradigm, specifically developed to overcome the shortcomings of existing Neural Net models. It provides the ability to deploy multi-layer Neural Nets, each capable of adaptation to a variety of transfer functions, neurodynamics, and control strategies (some unique to Aryabhatta). A number of these variant neural nets can then be cascaded into a heterogeneous synergetic arrangement capable of targeting even the most challenging of assignments. The Aryabhatta paradigm provides for quick convergence to an energy minima without getting trapped into false local minimal energy states, and has excellent generalization capabilities. It is unique in that it is singularly and optimally suited across a variety of connectionist application types, including pattern matching, association, recognition, and forecasting/ prediction.

NeuroFeed automates the task of massaging, manipulation, and normalization of data for interfacing to the Aryabhatta (or other) neural net modules. It can handle virtually any type of data, including financial/ numerical, temporal, and audio-visual sources. It automatically segments images/ visual frames into constituent parts based on user defined criteria, and can encode these into a format suitable for neural nets, such as "one-of-n" encoding. NeuroFeed provides for seamless interfacing and integration of a variety of data sources to/ with the Aryabhatta based neural net processors. The data sources could include almost any analogue or digital source, ranging from financial data feeds, to audio-visual streams, image frames, temperature/ pressure readings, etc.

SceneScape sub-system encompasses the above two components, and provides the ability to do template based search/ match functions through a video stream or file. It allows the specification of match criteria either through text based feature definition, or through selection of parts out of stored images, audio/ video files, etc.

XtremeVision provides a library of advanced functions and routines for the enhancement of visual data, through pseudo colourization, contrast enhancement, image registration/ overlaying, etc. Along with NeuroFeed, it allows for the management of data inputs to, and outputs from an Aryabhatta neural net processor.

NeuralTek has developed and perfected the above technologies over several years of R&D since 1992, and a number of project/ product cycles. It continues its efforts to enhance and improve these technologies, as well as develop new techniques to tackle even more challenging tasks.

The Designer Artificial Brains  

Logo  Neural Net Solutions - NEURALTEK™ Style

NeuralTek specializes in building software and systems based on Artificial Neural Net technologies. Some of these systems are akin to specialist brains, where each may encompass some real-world knowledge particular to a specific knowledge domain; the expert knowledge embedded in the system enables it to provide decision support functionality, or act as a source of ready reference for the particular domain. Yet another class of NeuralTek's solutions emulate the information processing paradigm of the human vision & other sensory organs. Together, such systems may be suited to a number of application areas, such as Predictive Modelling, Signal/ Pattern Matching, Image Feature Extraction & Recognition, Sound/ Voice Recognition, Process Control, Trend Analysis & Forecasting, and may span diverse industries such as Multimedia/ Entertainment, Security/ Military, Space/ Aviation, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking/ Finance/ Insurance, to name a few.

Collectively, we call these The Designer Artificial Brains. Most of NeuralTek's products encompass these technologies in one form or another. To cater to specific niche requirements, NeuralTek can custom build a DAB solution for its clients. To inquire, please e-mail admin@neuraltek.com in confidence.


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